The best feeling in the world for an author, searching producer voices for an audio version is when that perfect voice pops up. This was the case when fate brought me to Triera Holley. I’d listened to probably fifty sample voices when hers came up. I knew immediately that she was the voice of my character, Olivia Petersen. I sent her an offer and waited anxiously until she responded with a “Yes.” Needless to say, I was ecstatic!

In working with Triera, I found her to be extremely organized and professional. She went above and beyond my expectations and it’s evident by the number of five star reviews on the finished product. Every reviewer praises the narrator’s voice and I’m please to say that Triera has graciously agreed to work with me again on the Out of the Box series.
It is without reservation that am pleased to recommend this amazing producer and narrator extraordinaire!
Jennifer Theriot
USA Today Bestselling Author

Triera has an incredibly engaging voice which is expressive, engaging and relaxed. What’s more, the quality of her work is excellent. What I particularly enjoyed was her level of communication, efficiency and delivery of a well polished final product. Nothing is too much trouble for Triera and that makes her very easy to work with. In all she was a pleasure to work with plus she delivers an excellent audio product. I love efficiency, reliability and delivery. In the business arena I work in there are plenty of talkers who don’t action. So when someone delivers quality quickly then I really appreciate it! I would highly recommend her.Ruby Allure